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South Coast windsurfing

In view of the gale force winds, it seemed an ideal opportunity to go down to the sea and shoot some south coast windsurfing, which was something I’d been meaning to do for the past year or so. As an ex-windsurfer myself, I knew despite it being a weekday, there was a fair chance that a few folk wouldn’t miss the temptation for a quick blast. I started off looking at Shoreham but not much going on there, then onto Goring and this is where I got these shots in the five minutes I was there (had to get back for another shoot) Unfortunately I wasted a fair bit of time, driving around all the old windsurfing haunts, only to find most of the car parking opportunities had now been seized, either by total banning or over priced charging. Anyway back on track, it was seriously windy, in fact I was getting buffeted about  hand holding the camera and lens, in hindsight, a monopod would have been a good idea. These shots were were taking with the 400mm and a 1.4 convertor, bringing it up to 560mm on full frame.

Oh, and one Kite surfer thrown in for good measure 😉

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