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I used to write blog posts fairly consistently when I first started my website back in 2010. Mostly in those days I was writing to increase my search engine optimisation , (SEO). Although the algorithms that helped get your website onto the first page of Google, have changed considerably, the principle remains the same, and that is “content is King, relevant content”. So I used to write with that in mind, which helps explain why some of those early posts don’t read particularly well, with the phrase “equine Photographer” cropping up all too often.


However, it certainly worked, and for many years if you Googled “Equine Photographer” I was the first result one page one of the search. After a while though and with a steady stream of work coming in, the need to keep on top of my SEO took a much lower priority. With the knowledge of hindsight, this probably wasn’t a very sensible strategy, but if I could predict the future…..well I’d probably be lazing around on an isolated Caribbean island long before now!


Any way for the sake of completeness I’ve decided to leave those old posts on my site, albeit tucked away in an archive section. The posts below are either new or still relevant in some way, and a couple have been updated to reflect current changes, mostly in equipment. As I write this, my full intention is to get back to writing more for the blog, a mixture of what’s been going on and also maybe some posts about photography in general. There's already a huge amount of content out there, mostly on YouTube, but sadly most of the creators are just doing it to make money from the channel and not actually making money from photography, which has to make you question their validity. So watch this space.


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