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Wind the clock forward a fair few years and one morning I got a call from the guys at Brand Potential in Windsor asking if I’d like to get involved with a new equine nutritional supplement range from Spillers Foods, a division of Mars Petcare. Despite my previous experiences in the commercial field, this really was too good an opportunity to miss, an equine advertising shoot, whats not to like about that?


It was great to be working with a team that had not only thoroughly researched the products potential customers, but also had a very clear idea of the style of images, but at the same time, giving me the creative freedom to work within their style framework.

They certainly didn’t want formulaic polished shots of very well turned out riders and their horses, looking like they’ve never been near a field, this new product was to appeal to all riders. The images were to be quirky, jaunty, humorous and real, and what’s more, the horse used in the shots had actually been trailing the supplements; this was honest advertising.

So having been briefed on the style of shots, we knew we needed some sun and preferably without the snow that had been lying on the ground for most of January. However by the end of the month (the day before in fact) the snow had cleared, and we were incredibly lucky to have a few hours of early morning sun, which hadn’t been seen for some time! It was still incredibly cold but after meeting Ohkee and his owner Emma, we were all set to capture the images. There’s a brief ‘Behind the scenes’ video below.

I was also asked to shoot the images for another product in the range which we completed last week, and I’ll share that with you all once its been published.

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