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The Equine portrait Backdrop, Part II

I’ve written previously about my plans for the new improved much wider Equine Portrait backdrop that I’d adapted so I could comfortably shoot a whole horse, well it didn’t quite work out as planned! Mostly due to the fact that the main support pole wasn’t strong enough to cope with the increased 6m length, and even with another third stand in the middle to take the weight. Trying to raise three stands simultaneously 6 metres apart, was just never going to work, fortunately the last time I needed it, I was lucky enough to have a couple of upright beams in the barn we were shooting in to lash it onto and make the whole thing secure, which was quite handy given the amount of wind blowing that day! Obviously relying on having a barn to shoot in isn’t really a sensible option, so I’ve decided to go back to my original idea of using an aluminum scaffold pole, cut into two 3m sections, for ease of transportation and then put back together when needed. I’ll then have all that supported by two Matthews, steel and aluminium Stands normally used in the film industry for supporting much heavier lights. It’s the far more costly (the reason I scrapped the idea originally) option, but I’m hoping it will open up more opportunities, and will be essential for some concept shoots I have in planning.

This shoot below was the last time I used the backdrop, and managed to get a full length shot, but it was a little too hit and miss and I could have done with out the billowing cloth every time the wind blew not to mention my subject, Georgie, looking a little concerned. I’ve also just ordered a much heavier weight cloth as the backdrop, the same as the ones used in theatres, so that should help with the wind issues.

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