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Our new arrival

It’s been just over a year since we had to say goodbye to Willow, our much loved Lab x Collie. Willow came from Last Chance rescue home in kent, where he’d been collected from a council dog pound in Wales, at the age of 18 months, where he only had a few days left, before being destroyed, that was almost 12 years ago. We soon realised he’d obviously been beaten with a stick and belt, but despite this, he still became the most loving and loyal companion, he simply was a brilliant dog, all he ever asked for in return, was to be loved, which he was, dearly.
So it’s taken a while to get used to the idea of not having Willow around and to think about rescuing another dog, however yesterday we went to Chance Pixies rescue centre near Dover to collect Elfie. Probably only about 6 months old and again rescued from destruction in a council dog pound. She’s been here 18 hours now and seems to be settling in surprisingly well.
A few pics from her first outdoor adventure.

I think the Smudgemeister is wondering what the fascination with grass is all about.

Ok, so the harness is a little too big!


Seems to know where she’s going

That was tiring, time for a lie down.

She definitely seems very happy with her new bed.

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