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Cartier Queen’s Cup Final

So after the shock defeat of the King Power Foxes in the semi-final of the Cartier Queen’s Cup, today we saw Dubai vs La Indiana back at Guards. For me, this was a day off, and time to relax, watch the game and take a few images, for myself, and a chance to play with the Nikon D5 and Fuji x-Pro2 cameras, without worrying about the results.

It was almost in a repeat of the semi, the rain came down! Fortunately only for the first two chukkas, but despite this the first half was slow with plenty of whistles and Dubai taking the lead all the way to the half time bell. However by the fifth chukka La Indiana seemed to find the fire in the bellies, producing an 11 all score with only 15 seconds to go before the final whistle. Adolfo Cambiaso lived up to his reputation, and delivered a lovely cut shot to goal in those last few seconds, making them the winners 12 goals to 11, of the 2016 Cartier Queen’s Cup.

Cartier Queen's Cup 2016

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